S. A. Tech

A tech house in the Interlake region, run by a nature photographer.

He needed an image gallery for his photography that expands or contracts to fit the screen, so visitors always get the most out of their monitors. Many of those who visit his gallery are living in the country, with little bandwidth, so I used CSS to fit his photos the best they could.

The site needs very little maintenance—an administrator control panel allows him to upload or delete photos, name them, and add tags. The site has a fairly basic layout, where everything is found from the front page.

The Embroidery House

A clothing and embroidery shop in Winnipeg, on Point Douglas.

With the clothing sorting system, visitors can separate their favoured size, colour, or prices from the rest of the pile. Each customer can sign up and log in with a username and password to keep a cart. A full checkout is planned for the near future.
Plans to actively maintain a public forum will create an active community around the shop.

Taylor Athletics

A sporty brother-company to The Embroidery House.

This site is still in heavy development, but a quick roll-out is important to this company. With that in mind, I'm uploading updated designs and structure as I make them. The site is still in a very basic form, at this moment.


My blog and personal website, which is powered by the Wordpress content-management and blogging system.

My site features all those fun things you just can't do in mainstream sites. It incorporates newer standards and browser-specific styles, which aren't supported in older browsers. Using a technique called Progressive Enhancement, the site is usable even in old browsers, even if you don't get the rounded edges and soft transitions.
As I learn new things, expect the design to change. I will, once I have a couple other styles, put up a gallery of different looks.

My blog is designed to be usable with any size of screen or font, so you'll never be hit with horrible horizontal scrollbars. As well, I take it as a matter of ethics that even browsers that don't have JavaScript or CSS abilities must still have access to all the information on the site, with ease of navigation.


I'm in the middle of a few other projects: