Your site deserves to be usable. When you've just started out and you're looking for custom web design or application development, it's impossible to find anyone who can make you a quality, well-formed site, unless you're able to pay thousands of dollars. Cozy Cabbage can build what you need cheaply, with a wide base of skills and unmatched dedication. Take a look at what you can get:

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This will take you to the site of The Embroidery House.
Custom-built from the ground up, The Embroidery House's site has a powerful clothing-search feature.

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How it Works

broad The package includes any and all of the services listed above, as you need them. cheap One flat rate of $200 will be charged each week. easy Time can be bought in advance or refunded without hassle, and development can be altered at will. simple Choose what you need, and your site will be progressively built according to those needs while you kick back and relax. smart Set priorities, and the important bits will be completed as soon as possible. steady Your site will be built continuously, step-by-step, until your weeks run out. new An existing site can be upgraded to new standards. ??? For more on the specifics, see the FAQ.

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To start, simply fill out the Sign Up form. You can send any extra questions and requests to A reply should be forthcoming within eight hours.

Cozy Cabbage Web Design & Development is run by Michael Kozakewich in Winnipeg, Manitoba—and anywhere on the net. The firm's focus is on cheap, simple, standards-compliant web-site design and user tools, in order for small businesses to easily become self-sufficient in today's modern market.