Why not an hourly amount?

An hourly amount creates an agitated atmosphere where no time can be wasted; a weekly amount allows development to follow the natural highs and lows that any cycle inevitably ends up rolling through. If speed is necessary, though, you can pay $20/hour for up to sixteen hours of rapid development each day.

$200? Why would you be so cheap?

A lower price over time eases the development cycle, which allows for a greater range of experimentation. The resulting innovation and consideration is good for everyone involved, and can be a great learning experience.

Will your prices stay the same?

No—the price will fluctuate with the market and my experience, so it will most likely climb slowly. Get it while it's fresh!

What speed can I expect from you?

Everything will get done at a progressive pace, at the very least; and you can even pay extra to get a boost in priority and speed.

Why don't I just pay one sum for one site?

Websites require a tremendous amount of planning, and often will need features added, removed, or totally reworked sometime in the development cycle. When you aren't paying one agreed-upoon price for the website being developed, you can add as many new features as you want, and then pay for the time it takes to develop them. This means you have complete control over the development process.

What are standards?

The standards of the web, drawn up by the World Wide Web Consortium, allow all internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Firefox) to display pages in the same way. Having your site designed according to standards and best-practices will ensure that it will look proper in every modern browser (though older ones will take some custom tuning), and will continue to work as new browser versions are released. This means you won't have to hire another web developer in a few years to fix broken pages.

At the same time, standards also increase accessibility for users with disabilities, including users with poor or no vision, those who have JavaScript, Flash, or images disabled, those surfing on low-power mobile devices, those with limited bandwidth, or those with download quotas.

We might want to change the site later. What would we need?

Almost nothing! Everything except the images is text-based, and can be altered using Notepad, Wordpad, or any other plain-text editor. The images will be PNG, JPEG, or GIF, which you can open using any image editor. The full-resolution layered files from Paint Shop Pro can also be requested at any time.

Where do I sign?

To start, simply fill out the Sign Up form. You can send extra questions and requests to michael@cozycabbage.com at any time. You should get a reply in less than a business day.